Interactive Training Missions

While flight simulation has been effective for years to help pilots train and stay sharp, interactive missions take that training to the next level. Having been used in the military, interactive training has been proven to prepare pilots for dealing with unexpected situations, the focus of much training.

CloudFlyt brings the benefits of interactive mission training to a whole new level of convenience through the power of broadband internet and cloud computing. As a pilot or student, you can experience a rich, interactive training mission in the comfort of you own home with a flat-screen TV you probably already have.

Crosswind Landings

While stick and rudder technique can only be learned well in a real airplane, the visual site picture and technique for cross-wind approaches and landings can be practiced in a simulator with excellent positive transfer. CloudFlyt allows you to practice repeatedly in less time.

complex and high-performance

As you transition to complex and high-performance aircraft, CloudFlyt missions can help you practice the procedures and performance settings required for safe and stabilized flight.