Meet our team

Jim McDonald(Instigator)

Jim is a silicon valley entrepreneur with background in data storage systems. Jim was a Sloan Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he earned an MS in management science. He holds a Commercial Pilot certificate with Single, Multi and Instrument ratings. He is also a tailwheel pilot and recently became a CFI.

Greg deValois(Code Genius)

Greg is a Silicon Valley software professional with many years of software architecture design and leadership. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley and is not afraid to fly with Jim from time to time.

Greg Zackney(Chief Pilot)

Greg "Groucho" Zackney is a veteran Marine Corps Harrier pilot and flight instructor who holds Commercial SEL, SES, MEL, CFI, and CFII certificates. He was also the Director of Safety and Chief Pilot at Icon Aircraft. He holds an MS from University of San Diego and a BS from UC Davis.

Connie Howard(Marketing Diva)

Connie is an accomplished Silicon Valley marketing professional who founded and has operated Envision Technology Marketing Group for 23 years. Her clients have included Cisco and Adobe. Connie holds an MLA degree from Stanford University and is also an accomplished opera singer.

Will Smith(Test Pilot)

Will is a Private Pilot who recently earned his tailwheel endorsement. Will has been a technology guru since the first microprocessors became available and continues to innovate technology solutions. He is a key beta tester of CloudFlyt missions.

Vince Nastro(The Godfather)

Vince Nastro is a DPE and Flight Instructor. He has used a scenario-based approach to flight training and safety since long before it became a buzz word. During Jim's Private Pilot checkride in 2015, Vince inspired him to develop CloudFlyt. Vince also founded and operates an organization to help US military veterans.