CloudFlying Articles

Where you sit while flight simming matters!

When flying a simulated mission, where you sit is important. For best positive transfer, CloudFlyt recommends a 45"-55" flat-panel TV and sitting 2'-3' away with room for the yoke. This delivers an approximately 90 degree horizontal field of view. With the growth of low-cost flat-panel televisions, it has never been easier to setup an immersive flight simulation experience that can even help with the perspectives during landing. In fact, a 55" diagonal television is larger than the cockpit of most light aircraft! The CloudFlyt software is designed to deliver a field of view that approximates 90 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertically for a realistic experience provided the pilot sits in the correct location while training.

Learning and practicing GPS navigation

CloudFlyt simulation scenarios include various aircraft to help pilots get familiar with the systems and complexities of different aircraft as they train. Modern navigation avionics have brought huge capability to general aviation but represent a unique set of training challenges. The aircraft, particularly when in flight is a very poor and dangerous classroom for learning these often complex avionics systems. In the simulator, not only can the pilot get to know all the functions of a navigation radio, but can also practice with simulated IMC with the aircraft on an actual approach or holding pattern.